Automated Trading System "ComplexFX"

Author's trading system ComplexFX, based on several shopping robots, one of them works on an exclusive trend indicator, clock automatically. The robot scans all time frames from the M5 to H4, after the signal on any of the schedules are set pending orders, S / L in the pending order is placed, for security deposit at the time of loss of communication with the server. After entering the market are evaluated levels of stop and take, and the position is modified, it is always smaller than stop a take of 1.5 - 3 times, so that the drawdown will not happen.
The system does not apply strategies such as the scalping, martingale, averaging, swing, and the like, it works only with hard soles and a take.
The system optimizes every six months, followed by testing for the three year history, each time schedule, thus adapts to market volatility.
Maximum number of simultaneous position 5, I suggest for every 1,000 to put 0.01 lot. The stated income 100 - 150% a year, with a maximum drawdown of 10%.

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